Realizing that intermedia considerations constitute an increasingly large segment of contemporary artistic endeavors, that the present state of an artist’s critical and creative competency is limited usually to a specialized area, and furthermore that the existing programs of the various academic departments are designed for specialist training with little or no provisions for interdisciplinary experience, we recommend the creation of a program of supervised media research, the purpose of which will be to expose the participants to technical and aesthetic considerations of various arts, to provoke creative work and experimentation and to stimulate speculative work on a scholarly, theoretical and aesthetic level.

Though the Intermedia Program’s purpose and motivation is interdisciplinary in nature, it is clear that strict intermedia activity can neither be imposed nor administrated. This will only result in false, forced art. The Intermedia Program’s experience is that the nature of the arts and technologies today create their own types of interdisciplinary structures, both material and aesthetic, and that the artists involved will, and do, respond to this condition. It is by design then, that no overall intermedia “style” or philosophy is created. By insisting upon an artist orientation, rather than an art-oriented program, the individual artist’s special creative insights are continually stressed and challenged.

Hans Breder / Ted Perry
Iowa City, 1968